Do you believe in signals? – A new one

Hello dear member of my artistic tribe,

Hoping you are doing good in this strange year.

I have been socially distant for half a year now at my Vancouver home. Things are complicated for everyone but keeping the spirit high as I choose to look the positive side of each situation as always. So some days ago I faced one more time a blank canvas and start painting what came to me: A hypnotic sun. When my oldest daughter saw the painting told me: It’s a sun from Uruguay (my home Country). I asked her why and she told me: because of the colors.

Two days later I saw this news online at the Uruguayan newspaper:

A strange halo around the sun was witnessed at Uruguay.

I felt that there was something oddly connected between my painting, my daughter’s comment and the reported sun of Uruguay. What do you think?

This painting is available. If you’re interested message me.

Take care,


Vernissage: ”L’ARTE DELLE DONNE” at Milano Art Gallery

After a postponed inauguration due to the Covid-19 pandemic it has started at Milan, Italy this week the exhibition: ”L’Arte delle Donne” where the Italo- Uruguayan Artist Caro Ramonde was selected to exhibit her artwork: ”Mother Nature feeling blue”

This conceptual artwork is an oil painting on canvas. It represents Mother Nature in the form of a melancholic woman watching everything humanity is doing to destroy the world, and some irony and duality on the title, feeling blue, as the color palette is restricted to this only color and has the meaning of sadness in English. There is a statement against racism in the selected colors of the humanized figure of mother nature.

Caro Ramonde was honored with the prestigious award ”Jacopo da Ponte” by Milano Art Gallery for her talent and artistic work.

This exhibition will be taking place at Milano Art Gallery, via G. Alessi, 11 – Milano, Italia from the 1st till the 21st of July, 2020.

Caro Ramonde