Do you believe in signals? The Circle of Life

Vancouver, June 2020

Hello Art Tribe,

Last week I was facing my blank canvas before starting to paint when my daughter asked me what I was going to paint. I replied to her without much thinking: The Circle of Life

My oldest daughter was graduating as an Electrical Engineer the next day so the subject of life cycles, accomplishments and growing was in my conscience.

Painting for me is a scape, a meditation stage, almost in trance so I started painting selecting green as a symbol of life for the trees growing and leaves and started painting. A fun family story came to my mind and that’s what I end up painting. My daughters have a difference of 17 months between each other so when they were little I told them that they were together in my womb when they asked about pregnancy time and they told me they had a fun time together there constructing things with a hammer. I know, we’re a fun family! So that was what I painted.

Today, exactly one week later after starting the graduation, I watched distracted my painting and an incredible signal was there, a ray of light illuminating the two babies in development. I believe in signals send by the loved ones who preceded us in the way, I had many through my life. They feed my soul.

I am including pictures here. Do you have received signals?

Take care,


Souls ascend, do angry ones descend?

Hello Art tribe,

These have been sad days globally due to racial targeting and police officers killing black people.

Watching the rage and sadness that injustice brought and the #BLM movement, has inspired me to create this painting.

My thought while painting were that good souls rise, and butterflies lead the way. Could it be that souls that had been killed sometimes return like twisters or hurricanes to destroy the lives of the assassins?

Hoping for creating together a better world where love leads the way and the color of the skin means nothing đź’™

Take care,


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