Visions of Space

Hello Art Tribe!

We, space enthusiasts, have been enjoying some fun days with the launchings and today landing of SpaceX Dragon in collaboration with NASA.

What a perfect day to launch my latest artwork, Visions of Space, which was created watching telescopic images.

The idea for this painting started when, while meeting with fellow Recruiters on line, there was a sad message about a space company laying off a big part of their top space engineers. My comment was “dumb people, now more than ever we need new places to live!”. And thus, the journey of this painting had started, in my mind…

Today commercial aerospace flights are becoming a reality, going to the moon seems like something regular people could be doing in year 2024. And then there are plans to colonize Mars, so space real state might be a thing soon.

Hoping my painting inspires you to think in other things other than our current reality, where staying at home is the smartest thing we can do.

Take care,


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