Hello friends!

Today I was thinking about how can we contribute as Artists to bring our Art closer to the people.

Museums are great but there is so much going on these days with the advances of communication and networking that sometimes real living Artists get lost in a sea of copycats.

I love the hashtag #supportlivingartists because it’s a reality, Art Community needs help and support.

Artists need to work in other things in order to pay their living expenses, art materials and maintain their families, so art gets relegated to a second place and that is sad, not just for the Artist but also for the Art world as the production is limited and masterpieces of this era are scarce. So much scarce that a banana with a tape attaching it to the wall has been greatly valued this year.

Business should contribute to bring Art to the Community and act as a vehicle for inspiration and creation.

We can all make a better world if we put a little effort on that, don’t you agree?

Have a great day!


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